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POS Solutions

Extensive Connectivity Options

Elavon offers a wide variety of processing solutions for your specific business needs and point-of-sale (POS) configuration. From card-present to card-not-present environments such as mail-order and telephone-order, count on Elavon to deliver the right solution for you.


Elavon understands the way you accept payments varies, depending on your business and point-of-sale (POS) configuration. That's why our POS solutions are designed with built-in flexibility and reliability to meet your business needs and ensure that you meet the latest in cardholder security standards.

Hypercom T7+ Hypercom T7+
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    Affordable, easy-to-use dial-up terminal

Hypercom Optima T4230 Hypercom Optima T4230
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    Efficient, affordable wireless terminal

Hypercom T4220 Hypercom T4220
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Process all of your electronic transactions quickly and efficiently with wireless and mobile technology that delivers flexibility to support your unique payments environment.

Hypercom Optima M4230 Hypercom Optima M4230
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    Easy to use and fully mobile terminal with T-Mobile's GPRS data network

VeriFone Vx610 VeriFone Vx610
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    Reliable, high-speed mobile terminal with Sprints' CDMA data network

The Power of ONE

Elavon's international processing platform is unmatched in the payments industry.